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House Divisions

Spring / Summer Seasons

Spring Ball


All Ages - From 5U to 18U+ 

WKMBA 's Spring season runs from April to June and it includes team practices, games, and tournaments at all levels. Tryouts are held in March/April for applicable teams, and practices are underway by early April.  Come learn to play the great game of baseball.  House League Spring Season is where it all starts.

  • Spring Season usually runs from April to end of June.

  • Tryouts usually occur in March.


Summer Ball


From 9U and up 

The summer season introduces kids to a more competitive program.  This involves travel to surrounding cities for some games. Watch for announcements about tryouts, typically closer to the end of the Spring season. Represent WKMBA at the Mosquito or Peewee BC Minor Baseball Provincials.

  • Players must have played on a Spring ball team

  • Summer Season runs from June to end of July

  • Tryouts or selections usually occur end of May

Fall / Winter Seasons

Fall Ball


Ages 11U and up

Extend your season into the fall by joining one of our fall programs. The days might be getting darker but don’t let the sun set on your baseball skills! Fall seasons in the past have included evening games under the lights, skill building and fun!

  • Fall Ball usually runs from September to end of October

Batting Cage_edited.jpg

Winter Ball


Ages 11U and up

There may be snow on the ground but that doesn’t stop baseball!


Join us at indoor locations around West Kelowna including the new Indoor Sports Bubble. Continue connecting with your teammates and honing your skills as you prepare for the spring to come!

  • Winter Ball usually runs from January to March

  • What equipment does my child need?
    Players are required to have the following: Baseball Glove Baseball Helmet (with strap) Jockstrap and Cup (Males) / Pelvic Protector (Females) Baseball Bat Many players also bring their own bats to practices and games. Coaches will ensure personal bats meet the required guidelines. See the BC Minor Baseball rulebook for approved bat dimensions per age. ​ Proper footwear and athletic clothing is also recommended at all ages and abilities.
  • When are the practice times?
    Practice times and schedules are usually the last items to resolve as seasons get under way. This is due to registration numbers, team formation, and field/coach availablility. You will get a notification from your coach close to the start of your season with details.
  • What division do I register for?
    The registration form will guide you toward the proper division. It is 100% based on your child's birth year. For exceptions, please use the contact form on our contact page to contact your division coordinator.
  • When does my child's division play?
    Most of the divisions will have 1 or 2 practices during the week with games on the weekends.
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  • What is the commitment level for a Competitive Team?
    Competitive Teams require a significant time and a financial commitment. Travel is required, and there are more practices than in the House Division.
  • Can my child compete in other sports and still play on a Competitive Team?
    Yes, we encourage multi-sport athletes. However, in fairness to other kids competing for the same spots on these rosters, a serious commitment to make games and practices is required. Please inform your coaches and division directors to get a better understanding of the commitments required prior to accepting a spot on a roster.
  • Where do Competitive Teams travel?
    Competitive teams at all level are required to travel for league games and tournaments throughout British Columbia, but primarily to the Lower Mainland. League schedules are typically governed by BC Minor Baseball's schedulers and rules.
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