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A Call for Umpires

A Call For Umpires!

Ump yours! Your favourite game that is!!

If you have a love of the best game there is, and are interested in a unique way to be involved in it, we need you. If you are 12 or older and you are looking for a fun, after school job with a super flexible schedule, we need you. If you are a parent who wants to hang out at the diamond with their son or daughter (and get paid), we need both of you.

Becoming an Umpire is simple:

  1. 1. Possess a basic understanding and appreciation of the game and its rules.

  2. 2. Go to REGISTER and get registered as an umpire.

  3. 3. Sign-up for your online Level 1 Umpire clinic (free for BCBUA members)

  4. 4. Revel in the power and glory your new role in baseball affords

  5. 5. Get into some games and have some fun.

  6. 6. Bask in the appreciation of the West Kelowna Minor Baseball Association

Membership in the BC Baseball Umpires Association costs $35 for 13 and under. 14 and up is $65. Membership fees are reimbursed by WKMBA when a minimum number of games worked is reached (to be determined, but usually about 6 games).

Online Level 1 and Level 2 clinics run are available in April, so act fast. Dates for clinics are:

  • Saturday – April 3, 9am -1pm

  • Saturday – April 10, 9am – 1pm

  • Sunday, April 18th, 1pm – 5pm

If you have any questions please contact WKMBA Umpire in Chief, Don Klettke or, BCBUA Okanagan Rep Kevin Burke.

See you on the Diamond!

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